Polish Prejudice Survey

The Polish Prejudice Survey is a nationwide, periodic representative sample survey carried out by the Center for Research on Prejudice. Its main goals are to diagnose the levels of various kinds of prejudicein Polish society as well as to recognize the psychological mechanisms that underpin stereotyping,prejudice and discriminatory intentions in Poland.

Each wave of the Polish Prejudice Survey comprises a permanent set of questions which allows for theobservation of changes in prejudice against various minority groups and some general psychologicalvariables (such as levels of intergroup contact, social dominance orientation, national identification,and right-wing authoritarianism) over time. Besides the permanent set of questions, various topicalmodules are added to the survey (e.g. measures of linguistic mechanisms of intergroup discrimination,attitudes towards social and linguistic diversity, etc.)

Results are published in peer-reviewed journals, research reports, and edited volumes.