Suzanne Horwitz na seminarium otwartym CBU

Zapraszamy na seminarium otwarte Centrum Badań nad Uprzedzeniami, które odbędzie się 18.12. o godz. 15.15 (i potrwa do ok. 16.45), na Wydziale Psychologii UW, w sali 74.

Naszym gościem będzie Suzanne Horwitz, doktorantka w Yale University i badaczka w Università della Svizzera Italiana. Wygłosi referat pt.: 

Giving an Advantage to the Advantaged: Attitudes Toward the Rich Emerge Early and Influence Social Judgments. 
Poniżej abstrakt:
As wealth disparities increase, driven by the rich getting richer, there is a continued need for research focusing on how people evaluate others from different wealth backgrounds, particularly those who are greatly advantaged.  In the present research we explore how wealth influences social evaluations in two populations:  In children, we show that mere exposure to groups that differ in wealth is enough to engender preferences for wealthier groups.  In adults, we examine attitudes toward the wealthy using both explicit (self-report) and implicit (IAT) measures.  We demonstrate that attitudes toward the rich reflect an uncommon divergence of implicit and explicit attitudes:  People hold relatively unfavorable explicit attitudes toward the rich while simultaneously holding favorable implicit attitudes.  Notably, individual differences in implicit attitudes predict subsequent social evaluations such that participants with a stronger implicit preference for the rich show more favoritism when evaluating the behavior of rich versus middle-class targets.  Together, these studies illustrate how early-emerging wealth preferences may become entrenched at the implicit level and lead to biased judgments that consequently reinforce the existing social hierarchy.  
Seminarium odbędzie się w języku angielskim.