Sylvie Graf na otwartym seminarium CBU

Zapraszamy na pierwsze w tym roku akademickim seminarium otwarte Centrum Badań nad Uprzedzeniami. Tym razem wystąpi dr Sylvie Graf z Instytutu Psychologii Czeskiej Akademii Nauk. Abstrakt wystąpienia przedstawiamy poniżej. 

Spotykamy się 6 listopada (wyjątkowo w czwartek) o godz. 15.15 w sali 74 (II piętro, Wydział Psychologii UW). 
Challenging prejudice: The effect of language, media exposure and intergroup contact on outgroup attitudes

Sylvie Graf
Institute of Psychology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Prejudice towards members of different social groups represents one of the most pressing issues in society. The presentation will summarize outcomes of several studies examining factors that can shape outgroup attitudes. First, I will introduce three studies focusing on the effect of nouns vs. adjectives for nationality and ethnicity labels on outgroup attitudes. A follow-up study attempted to disentangle the effects of linguistic devices and valence of bogus news about minority members on attitudes towards minorities. However, one-off presentation of articles about outgroups might not be enough to counteract repeated exposure to media news or outgroup members. In order to contrast different sources shaping outgroup attitudes, I will compare the effect of media exposure to direct forms of intergroup contact with minority members. Past intergroup contact research has been criticized for a neglect of negative effects of experiences with outgroup members. In the last presented study from five Central European countries, I will show how positive and negative contact differently influence outgroup attitudes.