Warsaw-Jena Seminar II

The seminar was a three-day conference organized by Warsaw University's Faculty of Psychology in cooperation with Jena University (Germany) and University of Delaware (United States). The meeting took place in Warsaw, Poland from 13th through 15th April, 2007. The main meeting's objectives were:

The conference gathered well known and renowned researchers interested in the social psychology of intergroup relations, prejudice and stereotypes. As the keynote speakers we had as guests: John Dovidio (Yale University, USA), Samuel Gaertner (Delaware University, USA), Kai Jonas (Jena University, Germany), James Jones (Delaware University, USA) and Yona Teichman (Tel-Aviv University, Israel), who were supported by their Polish colleagues: Maria Lewicka (Warsaw University, Poland), Mirosław Kofta (Wasaw University, Poland) and Grzegorz Sędek (Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Poland).


The meeting was also an opportunity for the next generation of social researchers to present their recent work's outcomes. During two days of a poster session scholars from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain were discussing the results of their studies, exchanging their scientific experiences and creating new scientific project. The whole event was ended with a poster session.


The supplement of the scientific part of the conference were informal meetings organized by Polish committee. The participants had a chance to make a walking tour around Old Warsaw, participate in a small group meetings combined with wine reception etc. We hope that the Warsaw-Jena Seminar will be continued during next years and will become a regular event in time-tables of European social psychologists.


Conference programme is available here